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Anne Azel has been writing and publishing for over a dozen years. Her work has been recognized with a CLFA Readers Choice Award and LFRCA Readers Choice Awards. She won a Golden Crown Literary Society Award for dramatic fiction for her novel Gold Mountain and a GCLS Literary Award for short story collection for A Little Book of Big Christmas Tales. She was also a GCLS finalist for her novels Iron Rose Bleeding and America. Annes work has been recognized for its informed and understanding portrayal of cultures and cultural diversity. Her work covers a wide range of genres including murder mysteries, contemporary issues, romance and futuristic writing.The cover illustrations of Annes books are original art work by the award winning artist B.L. Magill. As one reader wrote, This is writing for readers who demand more.Anne has travelled all over the world and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her writing. She is retired but still pursues her interests in art history, archaeology and forensic anthropology. Anne is currently living in northern Ontario. She enjoys an active life kayaking, canoeing, curling and skiing. Her hobbies include writing and model trains. (from the publishers website)

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